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GS441524 FIP Oral tablet 40mg (10 Tablets per bag) 20mg 40mg 50mg 60mg

50 Tablets
GS441524 FIP Oral tablet 40mg (10 Tablets per bag) 20mg 40mg 50mg 60mg
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Packaging: 10 Tablets/bag
Strength: 20mg, 40mg, 50mg, 60mg
Product Name: GS-441524 Tablets
Storage: Room Temperature
Dosage: Once Daily
Expiry Date: 2 Years
Form: Tablets
Shipping Method: Air(UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS) Or Sea
Molecular Weight: C12H13N5O4
Function: Cat FIPV Treatment
Grade: Pharmaceutcial Grade
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: FIPNOPE
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 10 tablets/bag
Delivery Time: 2-3 days
Payment Terms: D/A, D/P, L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100,000 Tablets per month
Product Description

Product Description:

GS-441524 is a plasma metabolite of the antiviral prodrug remdesivir that has a half-life of 24 hours in humans. It has been found to be effective in fighting off feline coronavirus strains, responsible for the lethal disease feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), in in vitro tests.

FIP is caused by an immune defect or deficiency which causes white blood cells to replicate the virus as opposed to fighting it. Those cats whose immune system is not able to fight the virus, develop into wet FIP, while those who have a partial immune response develop dry FIP.

GS441524 is a nucleoside analog that acts as an alternative substrate and chain terminator. In simple terms, it interrupts the chain reaction of the virus, stopping its replication. This powerful nucleoside is proving to be a promising drug in combating this deadly infection in cats.

GS Standard99.5%min
Content20mg, 40mg, 50mg and 60mg
ApplicationFor CAT FIP R&D Use ONLY
Recommended dosage10 mg/kg


What is FIP?

FIP, or Feline Infectious Peritonitis, is a viral disease caused by a strain of the feline coronavirus. Here’s a brief overview:
1. Causative Agent: FIP is caused by a mutated form of the feline coronavirus (FCoV). While FCoV is common and usually causes mild gastrointestinal symptoms, in some cats, the virus mutates into the more deadly form that causes FIP.
2. Transmission: FCoV is spread through fecal-oral transmission, meaning cats can become infected by ingesting the virus from contaminated litter boxes, food, or water. FIP itself is not directly contagious; it is the benign form of the virus that spreads between cats.
3. Symptoms: There are two forms of FIP:
Wet (Effusive) Form: Characterized by fluid accumulation in the abdomen or chest, leading to a swollen belly or difficulty breathing.
Dry (Non-effusive) Form: Characterized by granulomas (clusters of immune cells) forming in various organs, leading to more varied symptoms like weight loss, fever, jaundice, and neurological signs.

4. Diagnosis: Diagnosing FIP is challenging due to the lack of a single definitive test. Veterinarians typically use a combination of clinical signs, blood tests, imaging studies, and sometimes biopsies.
5. Treatment: Historically, FIP was considered fatal. However, recent developments in antiviral drugs, like GS-441524 (an analog of Remdesivir), have shown promise in treating the disease.
6. Prevention: Reducing the risk of FCoV infection involves maintaining good hygiene, reducing stress in multi-cat households, and ensuring good litter box practices. There is no fully effective vaccine for FIP currently available.


Diagnosis of FIP:

Diagnosing FIP is challenging and often involves a combination of clinical signs, laboratory tests, and ruling out other diseases. Common diagnostic steps include:


1. Blood tests: Elevated protein levels, high white blood cell count, and low albumin-to-globulin ratio.

2. Imaging: Ultrasound or X-rays to detect fluid accumulation.

3. Fluid analysis: Testing the fluid from the abdomen or chest for elevated protein levels and specific cell types.

4. Biopsy: Histopathological examination of affected tissues can provide a definitive diagnosis.



Recommended dosage: 10mg/KG * body weight kg
Taking time: Both taken before and after meals is ok. It is recommended to take it at a fixed time every day.
Taking method: Take it directly. If the cat does not eat it, it can also be mixed in the feed.
Storage: Store at room temperature or Store at 2~4 ° C. Avoid light. Shelf life is one year.
Recommended treatment for 12 weeks.

Packing and Shipping:

GS441524 FIP Oral tablet 40mg (10 Tablets per bag) 20mg 40mg 50mg 60mg 0

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